As 2017 comes to a close, we thought all you creatives may want to know what 2018 has in store on the design front.

Our very own design gurus, Vicky-Lee Vermeulen, our head designer (she’s hot stuff) and Nadia Mynhardt, our junior (she’s also hot stuff) want to let you in on all their secrets…

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the new year.


Give me a brief description of design trends we saw this past year?

Vicky-Lee: Design trends are influenced by media, technology, and usability. That said, we saw semi-flat design and cinema-graphs become extremely popular during this year.

Nadia: 2017 was ruled by 80’s inspired design – from popular culture, colours, patterns, and repetition. Contradictory though, minimalism was also still very much in the forefront – and I believe it will remain this way for a while in most highly corporate work.

Tell me what you expect to see in 2018 with regards to design trends? What’s hot and what’s not?

Vicky-Lee: HOT: Open composition –  a composition in which the elements float and go beyond the boundaries of the design itself, letting them ‘breathe’ so to speak.

NOT: Stock photos – using stock photos in your graphic and web designs are way too predictable and boring.

Nadia: HOT: Creative, original, crazy design with overlapping of styles, collages, and BRIGHT colours. Also, (and this I’m personally very excited about) illustrations! Specifically, hand-drawn sketches and photography combined with illustration as well as imaginative papercut illustrations. Typography will continue to be creative and bold, like “cropped”, “chaotic” and “real life object” styles. In a nutshell: where the focus was placed on minimalism in previous years, I think it will shift back to more intense detail.

NOT: Unfortunately, flat design and illustration are finally being moved out of the spotlight. This trend has reigned for the past couple of years, but I think it is slowly being worked out.

design 2018Even though we are moving into the new year very soon, what do you think is here to stay?

Vicky-Lee: Responsive design – since 2015 there has been a considerable increase in mobile browsing. Tablets and smartphones are now the first choices when it comes to browsing websites, surpassing desktops; laptops; and tablets. Any websites not focused on responsive web design need to upgrade ASAP!

Nadia: I do believe the nostalgic, 80’s and early 90’s trends are still going to be relevant for a while. As for functionality, I definitely agree with Vicky about responsiveness. No successful digital venture can be successful anymore without it.

What colours do you predict will be most popular in 2018?

Vicky-Lee: Greenery was the Pantone colour for this year and I just loved it – mostly because green is my favourite colour! For next year I would like to see the blue tone colours come out a bit and trend, as I love to use multiple complimentary courageous bright colours.

Nadia:  Definitely bold, bright colours with high contrast and metallics thrown into the mix. Don’t forget about “millennial pink”!

What is your personal favourite colour to use and why?

Vicky-Lee: For me, using colour in design all depends on the client CI and industry. I do love it when a logo or branding is done in black and white only and is still very striking.

Nadia: Yup, as a designer you have no choice but to be unbiased. You have to respect the client’s CI and know how to compliment it. But designs that excite me most, I’ll be honest, are definitely unconventional pallets or high contrast combinations – creating bold compositions.

What sort of web design trends do you see headed your way?

Vicky-Lee: Animations are more and more present in web design these days. They can be used for many creative purposes such as GIFS, SVG, WebGL CSS or videos. Animations were one of the biggest trends I noticed in web design lately, and I believe they are here to stay.

 Nadia: As mobile phones have now officially been named as the primary device used for browsing, I predict that designing for mobiles before larger screens will start taking off. I also think that more interesting, authentic imagery will be used; as well as more experimental, asymmetrical layouts.

Any new interesting logo design trends you see coming?

Vicky-Lee: Colour transitions – they have been everywhere this year, even in logos!

Nadia: I definitely think the overall trend of “doubles” i.e. double exposure, duotone and double light will influence the logo business. This, along with the bright colour trends, bold typographical features and 3D looks will all be present in new logo designs.

logo design trendsTell me your top tip for 2018?  Yes, just one…

Vicky-Lee: Go RESPONSIVE! If you have not made the transition, you might already be too “old-school” for 2018!

Nadia: Be BOLD! Don’t hold back – the last thing you want to be in 2018 is boring.

Anything else you think you think graphic designers need to know before it’s 2018?

Vicky-Lee: The geometric trend has certainly been around for longer than others – but it will never die.

Nadia:  As I see it, 2018 is the opening of the door for limitless creativity – As Pablo Picasso said: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”


So, there you have it, the predictions are in.

With all this great insight, maybe you can get a jumpstart on 2018?

Happy designing!


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