5 Reasons Why We Love Digital

By Nayaab Maharaj

From the start of the Digital Age more than 40 years ago, technology has advanced to a point of absolute necessity in today’s day and age. Where getting our news, connecting with loved ones, and sharing our lives through social media is an automated practice available in the palm of our hands.

This Digital Age has also opened a gateway to a different career field, allowing us to easily connect with people around the world. We love our digital life and here are 5 reasons why:


Let’s face it, having a cell phone or laptop is basically a portable information, entertainment and communication device. We can read the news, post a selfie, work, and chat to our loved ones all on the go.

Personal Connection:

Now more than ever, do we see the importance of being able to connect with our loved ones, not just through social media but messaging apps and video chats as well.

3. Marketing:

With social media, email marketing, PPC and more, digital marketing is a must for brands. It’s an easy way to showcase your brand, sell your products or services and connect or communicate with your audience.

4. Information:

Asked and answered! The internet allows us access to the biggest digital library where every question has an answer. It also provides us with the latest local and global news, all at our fingertips.

5. Entertainment:

From social media and streaming sites to online classes and more, there is an overwhelming amount of ways to keep yourself busy in the digital sphere, just remember to go outside every once in a while.

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