Why digital design differs from traditional design and what are the primary elements that make a  good digital designer?

Well before we arrived in the 21st century, graphic design was started off as a career that was manually done. However, thanks to advancements in technology, computers have now replaced rulers, scissors, and pens and with just a click of the mouse and a lot of keyboard shortcuts, design is now packaged as PDFs to the printers, consumers and clients, and boom! your product, service and brand is ready to be seen by world.

It is inevitable that the world is always improving, growing, and adjusting to our every need and desire and whether you are a great company like Vetro or merely a consumer, there will always be a drastic difference in the way we purchase products and services in the marketing-design space which always plays a huge role.

Now, when you think of marketing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? ADVERTISING and marketing! Right? yeah, and the different platforms that are commonly used. Television, print ads, radio space and direct mail are some of the traditionally used and we at Vetro still use some of it from time to time. However the technology list has tripled over the years, adding techniques such as google search engines, social media marketingpay-per-click marketing and not forgetting email marketing. With the world continuing to expand into different types of technology, we at Vetro feel it is important to grow with it and that where we come in explaining the difference between The traditional marketing that once was enough becomes lost without proper branding and digital marketing, businesses can design a targeted message to distribute on the right channels, which helps generate more leads.

What’s the difference between a digital marketing agency and a traditional advertising agency? Basically, A lot. However, many traditional advertising agencies claim to offer a full digital service, when in fact, they really do not.

Vetro is an integrated agency that works with both platforms so Traditional advertising for us is any marketing that takes a long time create and cost a lot of money but its proven record to be very successful. However, now that we understand what Traditional Marketing is, it’s importing to delve deeper into understanding the role it plays in modern society. thus, this does not mean traditional media is dead, it just simply means that the space for traditional advertising is slightly changing. Though when Combined with digital online marketing, these traditional marketing methods can begin to take on a whole new life and that when digital comes to plays.

Digital marketing in South Africa fills the top of the bucket based on both the content and shared content from others it has seen the consumer be more involved in the brand. Though we look closely to what interests the client and their consumers, in creating a community and receiving feedback, Like Nando’s A great example in digital marketing however, instead of us bashing people over the head with slick advertising design, our goal is to use adver-tainment. We use digital Marketing at Vetro for most of our clients and it has proven to be a great success within our company. From social media to website design just to name a few, we have delivered amazing work through this digital space, we have also excelled in the field of traditional space But There are clearly several advantages that digital marketing has over traditional, but at the end of the day, traditional marketing will always have its place

So, to conclude the world has changed a great deal since the smart mobile devices were introduced and People are spending more and more time on their phones and tablets, which has resulted in digital marketing services which has become an essential element in the branding of brands and lead generations. However, the best method would be to blend traditional and digital strategies while sticking to the basic marketing principals of reach, emotion, creativity and customer retention and the keeping to the primary elements of digital design.

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