Discovery Ads 

A New Way to Reach Your Customers 

By Edwin Chigumbu

In May 2019, at the Google Marketing Live event, Google unveiled the rollout of new ad units which were created to target top-of-the-funnel audiences. The ad units are highly visual and appear across multiple Google properties. One of these ad units is called Discovery Ads.

What are Discovery Ads?

Discovery Ads are native ads that appear in various Google feed environments like YouTube, Watch Next, Social Tabs, Google Search App, Gmail Promotions, and the Google feed. The purpose of Google Discovery Ads is to show customers something they want before they even know that they want it.

What makes Google Discovery Ads effective?

Google does the work for both the advertiser and the potential client. Unlike Search Ads, the customer does not need to type out any query. Using the power of intent, Google is able to place an advertiser’s adverts in front of the right audience as they browse on various discovery feeds. The power of intent refers to the ‘signals’ Google derives from consumers’ past site visitation, app downloads, videos consumed, and map searches. With a single campaign, you can reach 2.9 billion people across the globe.

Types of Discovery Ads

As of now, there are two main types of Discovery Ads:

  1. Standard Discover: Has a single feature image
  2. Carousel Discovery: Has multiple rotating images (taking a page out of Facebook’s carousel ads)

When to use Discovery Ads

You can use Discovery Ads if you are planning to:

  • Drive conversions with visual media
  • Reach new customers
  • Reconnect with valuable customers

A real-life example:

At Vetro Media, we have been fortunate enough to run several Discovery Ad campaigns for a few of our clients. The results were unbelievable:

  • The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) was four times more than the average CTR for Search Ads
  • For one client, we drove more registrations using Discovery Ads than with Search Ads
  • We drove twice as many visitors to the websites than with Display Ads

We can do the same for you

Are you looking to drive conversions and reach new customers? Why not connect with us and find out how we can help your business? Using strategy-based Discovery Ad campaigns, we will assist you in reaching the right customers before they even know they need your products or services.

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