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King Pie Facebook page 2019

King Pie Facebook page 2019


Gaby’s is a uniquely innovative company and we were brought on board to compliment this way of thinking.

We have driven consumer engagement to a whole new level and have developed some of the industry’s most creative and adaptive consumer engagers which made consumers completely go nuts about the brand.


In recent years, the brand has faced challenges in terms of getting younger customers to enjoy (and purchase) the products. We needed to differentiate ourselves and prove to the mass market that King Pie’s values of quality, innovativeness, freshness and tastiness is a cut above the rest.


We were confident that if South Africa’s mass market tasted our products, they would be reminded of our quality, lovingly-created pies and outstanding tastes. So, with a limited budget, we approached this in a creative and out-of-the-box way. We aimed to get more of our pies in the hands of consumers.

We achieved this by creating fun, quirky and off-beat moments on social media where we ran ad hoc giveaways, tactical engagement drivers and competitions. We jumped on trending topics and viral content and related this back to the brand in fun and engaging ways.