Sitting - new smokingMost people spend almost their entire day sitting down.

Sit back and think about that for a while…

We sit in our car on our way to work, and again on our way home. We sit at our desks all afternoon – and most likely even when we break and enjoy lunch. We sit down to eat dinner, and then most likely end up sitting in front of the television for the rest of the night…right?

I bet you’re sitting down right now reading this article!

Why sitting too much is bad for your health

Unfortunately, our lifestyles don’t allow for as much activity as our bodies would like and you guessed it…sitting all day is bad for you – shocker! The human body is built to MOVE.

This seemingly harmful position we assume all day most days is actually linked to some serious health issues like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

As soon as you sit down, the electrical activity in your muscles drops significantly and your calorie burning rate plummets! In as little as 2 weeks (sitting 6 hours a day) your LDL cholesterol increases, along with other fatty molecules – putting you at a higher risk of weight gain. Even if you work out regularly – as soon as you start moving, the deterioration begins in proportion to your sitting time.

Having a cup of coffeeWhen we don’t move, brain function tends to slow down…

Physical movement not only helps pump blood and oxygen to the brain, but also sends mood enhancing hormones.

Interestingly enough, did you know that if we sat for no more than 3 hours a day, it is estimated our lifespan would actually INCREASE by upwards of 2 years!

5 Solutions to help combat the effects of sitting

So, if you like me, love your job but hate sitting all day, see below some solutions to combat the scary effects of sitting…

  1. Stand up – even just for 5 minutes.
  2. Try a standing desk – yes these do exist.
  3. Drink more water – you’ll have to get up and fetch it and go to the loo more often.
  4. Stand up to take calls – blah blah blah
  5. Make use of an exercise ball – these great inventions force you to activate more muscles and hey, it can be rather fun too.

drinking waterMost importantly, just be consistent with breaking up your sitting periods.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of what sitting is doing to your body.


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