Elope… but where to elope? That is the question.

Vibrant decor, colourful characters, fantastic food, and dance — an Indian wedding is as fun filled and dramatic as a Bollywood movie, especially when two cultures are involved. My boyfriend and I have been dating for eight years and got engaged in January this year. Little did we know that two months later, the world would come to a grinding halt. However, I did manage to fit on my bridezilla shoes for a bit and here’s what I learnt.

  1. The engagement – You should bask in the engagement glory like a cat in the sun. Sure, you want to get started on the wedding prep and you will be bombarded with questions about the wedding date, but make sure you enjoy that feeling of being entranced by the glittering promise on your finger.
  2. You become an opinion box – Everyone has an opinion, but you don’t have to listen to them. Just because your cousin’s friend’s sister had a purple and blue 80’s themed wedding, does not mean you need to have one too.
  3. The date – One does not simply get married. When you’re having an Indian wedding, you have to consult a priest to ensure that the date and time is auspicious. You’re thinking of a sensational spring wedding in September but the universe is pointing more towards a winter wonderland.
  4. Compromise to an extent – Choose what you will and will not compromise on, such as the dress and décor and consider taking opinions on food or music.
  5. A budget is best – Construct a master budget that outlines everything from venue and décor to hair and makeup.  This will really help keep you on track and avoid overspending.
  6. The venue – Choose your venue first, this will help dictate décor, seating, catering and more. Try using Pinterest to plan, search for ideas and hone in on the details.
  7. The guest list – Finalising the guest list may be one of the most difficult parts of planning. Try deciding on a final number and list family members that you really want there, once the number is reached, that’s it. Harsh but they’ll forgive you…eventually… You could also consider splitting your guest list across your different ceremonies. (Yes, there’s more than just the wedding and reception)
  8. Steal the shoe or find the ring – Indian weddings come with fun games and traditions and uniting two cultures provides you with the unique ability to pick and choose. Instead of stressing, research both sides and choose a few that are important to you and your partner that showcase both cultures.
  9. Pay attention to the food – Experience dictates that no matter how beautiful the wedding was, if the food was bad so was the wedding.  Spend a bit of extra time picking this one to avoid the dreaded whisperings of the aunties and uncles.
  10. Be present – Don’t forget the main reason why you’re doing this, remind yourself and your family that you’re here to celebrate love and unite families. People won’t remember the monogrammed placeholders, but they will remember the love, laughter, and spirit of your wedding.

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