The Evolution of Content

By Taurayi Pswarayi

Since its creation, Instagram has been the place for people to showcase their best poses and how they’re living their “best lives”. Everything on Instagram used to scream out “I need to eat that!” or “I need to be there!” From the delicious Tasty videos to the faraway destinations that had no network coverage.

The pandemic, of course, has impacted the growth and dynamics of the platform in the past year, with travel influencers the most affected by worldwide travel restrictions. However, this has also birthed a new era of influencers! The platform has shifted from being the home of photographic influencer marketing to video content creation. Inspired by Tik Tok, Instagram launched their Reels function just over a year ago.

Video content has substantially grown over the past two years, making audiences more and more hungry for this content on their timelines. Platforms like Tik Tok have ultimately changed the way we consume content; creators have been forced to be innovative in their ways of producing engaging content that grabs their audience’s attention within five seconds (studies suggest that consumer attention spans have continued to drop since 2019). The birth of video has not only been diversified with different genres such as comedy, life hacks, dance and more, but also catapulted content creators into stardom.

Tik Tok star Elsa Majimbo, has recently collaborated with fashion house Valentino on an alphabet book suitable for kids and adults. She rose to Tik Tok fame by going viral with her “it’s a pandemic” videos, making fun of interacting with people during lockdown. Her content is fun, engaging and comedic, and just took the world by storm. From hanging out with Naomi Campbell to appearing on Rihanna’s Instagram page, Elsa Majimbo has really grown as a creative.

Tik Tok South Africa has taken note of the growing popularity of the platform in the country, and as a result, the South African division has decided to launch a truly diverse, educational, and positive experience for users, called Rising Voices. This is an initiative open to all black South African creators, which has been endorsed by the National Film and Video Foundation, an agency of the South African Department of Arts and Culture. Running for six weeks, Rising Voices will train, educate and support 100 black creators, selected by a committee, on how to make the best Tik Tok videos and create high-quality content.

So what does this mean for Social Media in 2021?

The world as we knew it has completely changed in the space of 365 days. From how we talk to each other to how we interact as humans. Social Media has been one of the industries that has completely changed and the way we consume content will never be the same again. The journey started with simple statuses, evolved to photographs and has now grown to videos. Hmm, we wonder what will be next.

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