Why engaging content is so important for brands in the social space.

We live in a time and era where digital marketing is the new craze. Social Media Marketing has taken the world by storm. While social media marketing is the buzz word of the moment, we need to look at how people engage with brands on different platforms and how we, as marketers, can find unique and engaging ways in which we can truly connect with relevant audiences in an authentic manner.

Firstly, let’s dissect the meaning behind “social media engagement”. Social media engagement measures how effectively a company or brand is creating engagement with its audiences in a social environment e.g. Do people engage with us by liking posts we publish, or do they comment or share? This is an important metric for brands and companies to measure in order to understand if the content they are disseminating is relevant and topical. This is when content starts playing a vital role in the success of a brand’s presence online.

The important role of content in driving social engagement is that we are all aware that popularity doesn’t always equal connectivity. It is imperative that brands create content that resonates with their audiences. The main goal of any brand on social media is to increase its brand awareness. Brands need to build a relationship with their audience through interactions. When creating content, it’s imperative to create shareable and dynamic content. The content shared, needs to resonate with the audience.

It is important that brands take the time to authentically engage with their audiences. Firstly, they have to choose the correct social media platform in order to tell a story that their audience finds relevant. Audiences tend to engage with your brand when sharing your content with other users, participating in giveaways, commenting on posts etc.

Make your mark today. Take a step back and think about who you are creating content for and what you feel they would like to hear and see.

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